Why Be a Volunteer Firefighter?

Stepping forward and being counted on as a person who is always there for someone else is much to be proud of.  To become involved in the community as a volunteer because of a need, perceived by an individual, for their special abilities is also something to be proud of.  However, to voluntarily risk one’s own life to save and protect the community from the tragedy of fire goes beyond the bounds of many people’s thinking.

Yet, in New Brunswick there are approximately 4,100 firefighters, They are from all walks of life, from all different backgrounds and all with one main thing on common: a dedication to the people and property of their community to protect them from fire.

The importance of the volunteer fire service to our community cannot be overemphasized nor should it be taken for granted. Times are changing rapidly and what used to be the definition of “firefighter” no longer applies. Today’s firefighter is expected to respond to an ever increasing variety of situations. Often times fire is not a part of the incident at all, but the fire department is the best equipped and best trained organization to service our community towards reducing losses and available to respond to the emergency needs of our community.

The Upper Kingsclear Fire Department is constantly looking for community spirited, motivated men and women for volunteer recruitment. If you have attained the age of 18 years, you may have a future serving our community proudly by becoming a Volunteer Fire Fighter. Stop by Station 1 on Mazerolle Settlement Road any Wednesday at 7pm for training or Sunday at 10am for truck checks to get a application.