In 1963 the Upper Kingsclear Fire Department was born with a few men from the community with the purchase of a new fire truck stored out of Ralph Howell’s Garage which is prior to the dam being finished. Interestingly the fire truck was not operated during the winter time. Between 1965-1967 the community was relocated further up the hill which is currently now the route 102 and Mazerolle Settlement Road intersection once the dam was completed. A few years later the community center and the first actual fire station was built at its current station 1 location. Station 1 on the Mazerolle has seen many additions over the years as it first started out as 2 bay station  then eventually out grew that and became a 3 bay station 2 deep. Most recently in 2013 a full 3 bay extension was added now making it a 6 bay station and also marking 50 years of service. In 2014 we had the addition of a temporary Station 2 in Hanwell since it became a rural community and need us to cover the entire Hanwell Rural Community. A brand new station 2 is already underway to be built in 2017. In 2015 we then grew even more and had the addition of station 3 in Islandview that use to be an old DNR building. And we are continuing to grow with membership and stations/ equipment.